The Goals + Soul Alignment Kit (digital) will guide you on how to set goals that are aligned with your dreams and values. It’s a blend of science-backed method with soul guidance.


The Goals + Soul Alignment Kit is made up of three workbooks download. Each offers a practical support structure and a reminder that your dreams matter – whatever they may be. If you already know what those dreams are, this kit will help you to fulfil them. And if you don’t, it will help you gain clarity.

The Kit offers a diverse selection of exercises – techniques, prompts, creative tools, and rituals. Each one guides and helps you navigate your discovery process. The journey requires raw honesty as you dig deep for answers and I promise you will emerge feeling more aligned and in sync with your goals and desires.

You will learn

To focus on what matters most to you

Bring in more of what lights you up

To get clear on your values & vision


How to set the RIGHT GOALS

How to break down your goals in doable actions

To build momentum towards your vision

Each Goals + Soul Alignment Kit contains

Clarity Workbook

It’s all about looking back. Reflect on your highs and lows, what fuelled and drained you. Bring what matters forward and release whatever that no longer serve you.

Attract Workbook

When you find your North Star, you will know where you are headed. Dream. Visualise. Believe that it’s yours. And then chart your course toward it.

Commit Workbook

Set clear directions and commit to daily action. Because consistency brings momentum. And momentum brings progress towards what you truly want.


The 90-Day Goal Roadmap gives an overview of the what, why and how of your goal. Available as an A4 printout or a mobile-friendly pdf fillable, this bonus complements the kit.

There is no passion to be found playing small –
in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.

Nelson Mandela

Let this kit be your go-to resource. It’s chockful of many how-tos and planner templates. Accompanied by heart centred questions and reflective prompts to help you gain clarity through intuitive investigations.

You will also be greeted with 33 beautifully designed templates over 54 pages.  Every page is intentionally designed with a lot of heart and soul poured into it.


SGD29.95 (USD22)
A gift of love for yourself. Get the kit and go after what you want. 


SGD29.95 (USD22)
Gift this kit to someone you love and who will benefit from it.


Bundle price SGD39.95 (USD29)
Get two kits – one for you and one for a friend. Share the love. 

When Science Meets Soul

Growing up, goal setting has never been a priority for me ‘cos I often failed at achieving them. Up until a few years ago, I read The Desire Map and that shifted my perspective on how I should set my goals. It makes logical sense to tune into my desired feelings and then set my goals. But I lacked the structure to execute my goals.

I went on to try out different methods and theories. I looked into science-backed approaches and at the same time honouring my inner wisdom to guide me. It wasn’t easy because there are so many conflicting theories.

The Goal + Soul Alignment Kit is my take on how to set goals that are motivating and achieve them in a season (90 days). It’s a blend of soul and science – where you’ll go through an inner transformation and undertake outer actions. I can’t wait for you to experience the alignment and the shifts.

Wishing you the best
Khai Lin